United Methodist Committee on Relief

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is a world wide effort that delivers on-the-ground help quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Unlike many relief efforts every dollar, euro, pound, or peso you give is translated to helping and not operational overhead. Because each United Methodist Church sends a portion of its denominational giving to UMCOR, all operational costs are already covered!

What this means to you is that you can select ANY of dozens of ongoing relief efforts to give to and be assured that that effort will use ALL of your gift to help folks in dire need – anywhere in the world! While Methodism has always been evangelical it has also always been about service in the world. UMCOR is about that service. If you are of a different faith or completely secular in your life and beliefs, UMCOR is about helping not proselytizing (although we hope our actions will witness to our faith).

The next time you hear of some disaster, the next time you are moved to help, the next time you simply want an on-the-ground view of trouble in the world please consider:

The United Methodist Committee on Relief


The designated advance number for the relief effort on the US Gulf Coast has been expanded to relief efforts for all three major storms that impacted the US and US possessions.  The Advance Numer remains 901670.

For non-US territory in the Caribbean the International Advance Number is 982450. This advance also includes relief efforts for the Sept. 7th earthquakes in Mexico.