1660 – 1692

Civilian and military clothing style changed quite noticeably from the 1640’s. The Military of several nations also began to move toward a standardized uniform.

Sedgemoor (1685):

Monmouth’s Rebels

Most of Monmouth’s army is portrayed (except for some of the officers) in civilian clothes.  It is likely that Monmouth brought a small number of uniform coats with him.  They were said to have been red with purple lining (purple being, it is thought, his favorite color – a color to match his ego no doubt). It is also likely that some members of the militia (wearing their uniform coats) went over to Monmouth (or their coats were cast off in some of the early brushes with Monmouth’s forces). I have chosen to give the red/purple coats to some of Monmouth’s “own” regiment (the Red).
There will also be a smattering of militia coats (generally red with yellow cuffs and turn backs) to the White, Yellow, and Green regiments. The Blue regiment was the last raised and are all in civilian dress.

The Royal ArmyFoot Regiments (to be contracted out in January, 2017)
The Royal ArmyHorse Regiments (to be contracted out in January, 2017)


Killiecrankie (1689):

The Jacobite Army:

By in large I can use my 1640 highland forces to portray this army. The Irish contingent probably wore uniform coats (conjectured by Reid to be white) and they will be produced when I begin work on the rest of the Scot’s Royal Army.

The Williamite Army – Foot Regiments (to be contracted out in January, 2017)


Miscellaneous (1685 – 1689): (to be contracted out in January, 2017)

Colechester Horse is a unit that was part of the English detachment serving with the Scots Royal Army (Williamite) in 1689.

Wade’s Horse served with Monmouth in the Sedgemoor Campaign.

The Royal Dragoons fought both mounted and dismounted during the Sedgemoor Campaign, these are the dismounted form.


The figures in this contract order are all from Pendraken Miniatures’ League of Augsburg range:



dgy-loa-page-5The letters under each pose in each package associate to the details found in the note of the painting guides.

Flags for Sedgemoor 1685

Royal Army Flags Sedgemoor

Monmouth Flags Sedgemoor