I use Neil Thomas’ excellent One Hour Wargames (OHW) at my other blog for two or three different periods. As it is becoming more important to the Celtic Fringe battles I do I wanted to add a page to the rules section of this blog.

Here is a PDF of my newest adaption of the rules:  ECW OHW Rules_3.0.  With a nod to Norm Smith for a couple of great ideas! While I have used the core mechanisms from OHW games, a great deal of addition and adaptation has been done for my period and places of interest.  I have tried to honor the “KISS” principle found in the original rules. Even so you will likely need a copy of Neil’s rules to make what I have done entirely sensible.

I would add that beyond the rules in Neil’s book, his inclusion of thirty generic scenarios are alone more than worth the purchase price of the book!

Battles done using my own OHW scenarios include:

Battle of The Nephews (Benburb, 1646)

Ballaghkillgevill (Benburb, 1646)