Activation is preformed by Wing (of which there is always one but no more than four). The order of activation is at the players discretion. One, two or three die may be rolled with success occurring for each die that equals or exceeds the Quality Value (QV) of the Wing. The number rolled on any of the dice may be increased by one pip for each white cube expended by the Wing Commander or any other officer (belonging to the Wing) within command control range of the Wing Commander. The more successes the more actions that can be performed by each unit in the Wing.

Activation Chart 1-12-16

The chart above is based on the chart used in many of Ganesha Games products most notably, Flashing Steel.

The best outcome (in green) is when all the dice rolled result in successes. The units in the Wing can each complete actions equal to the number of success (although no unit is required to perform any actions)

Mixed outcomes (in yellow) are when some of the dice rolled fail to equal or exceed the Wing Quality Value. The successful actions are completed but when play passes to the next Wing a penalty occurs. The next Wing is limited in the number of dice it may roll. If one failure (-1) is passed to it, the Wing Commander can only attempt a one or two die roll. If two failures (-2) are passed then only one die may be rolled. A Wing rolling a single die which fails does not pass a penalty to the next Wing (play testing determined that being unable to act was sufficient penalty).

The worst outcome (in red) is when (in a multiple die roll) ALL rolls fail. The player’s turn ends and play goes over to the opponent OR the turn ends (if the opponent has already had his active phase).

As Kirk once said to Spock, “Never tell me the odds!” However the tables below do just that. Although I worked them out for helping adjust the game design I never look at them when playing ( or any time else for that matter).  Agonizing over the odds frequently makes things worse – the tactical situation is everything!

One Step at a Time:

Activation - one die probability

If One is Good, Two is Better:

Activation - two die probability

Fortune Favors the Bold:

Activation - three die probability