IN RED-COAT RAGS ATTIRED (IRCRA) Basic Rules of Play (Under Constuction)

Update 05/23/2017

As an adjunct to Baroque I have decided to continue designing my own rules set to handle skirmishes and attacks on fixed fortifications. The framework will be, well let’s call it Baroque Lite. I will also add in some of my favorite game mechanisms from the dozen of so skirmish games I have experimented with and a few of my own as well.

Soon I’ll take down the various sub-pages (which are confusing some viewers) and simply place them in a single page archive.

Update 05/18/2016

As of this writing I have committed to using Impetus:Baroque as my standard rules set. This was done for several reasons:

They cover most of my major period of interest, roughly 1550 to 1700 AD ( or CE if you prefer). This will allow me to do, for example, Elizabethan warfare in Ireland (late 16th century) and the Williamite War (late 17th century). The trade off is that I give up some of the detail found in many excellent rules that cover a specific war. At my age simplicity is everything.

Baroque adapts well to solo play which is the way I play 99.9% of the time.

Although not specifically designed to scale up and down (I need rules that work for both small and large battles) I am finding that (with minor modifications) Baroque does scale well enough for my needs.

Finally Baroque has an active forum on which to gain information about rules interpretation from the designer, collect updates and to discuss ideas in general. As an isolated gamer this is a crucial consideration.

I will continue to maintain my original work on custom rule but will not update it for the foreseeable future.

Orginal page material follows:

At the moment I am on version 2.1 and STILL haven’t gotten everything sorted out to my liking. I am one of those who loves reading, thinking about, and tinkering with rules. Sometimes this love is so passionate I forget that the objective is to actually play a game. Happily I know that I am not alone in this! Inside almost every wargamer is a self-convinced (or self-deluded) rules maven!

Several of the game mechanisms that I use are based on those found in many of Ganesha Games‘ rule sets , Flashing Steel being the one with which I am most familiar. I like their straight forward nature and simplicity. While Flashing Steel is a skirmish level game for Swashbuckler/Pirate adventures, I have upscaled it to fighting battles in the Musket&Pike era adding-in more detailed, multi-layer command and control features and a combat system that accommodates units with multiple weapon types.

Game Play Sequence

Combat Pieces

Command Pieces

Command and Control

Action Execution

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