Baroque – Status Tokens and Play Aids

November 14, 2016

To continue to improve the look of the tabletop I have made several less intrusive tokens for playing games with Baroque:


The casualty markers have been removed from their bases to give a better look on the table. When functioning as the Exhaustion Token they are placed behind the unit (a combat piece is no longer removed from the movement sabot). If the unit has been eliminated from the table the casualty marker remains (and, if the unit is foot, a second marker is placed).


September 13, 2016

I am continuing to improve the markers that I use for playing Impetus:Baroque. One major change has been adding unit labels to the table top to drastically reduce having to use Order of Battle sheets to look up stuff during the game. All the essential info (shown below) is right there on the lable. Plus all the photos I take are now pre-labeled:


I have also changed the colors on the various status markers to a much more natural and muted pallet. The use of bright colors, while easy to identify in a game often gave rather jarring results when photographed. I still use a 7mm black die as the VBU counter and (if I chose to use my own ammunition expenditure rule) a 7mm red die as an ammo counter.

I use figure markers to indicate a fatigued unit (one that has fallen below 50% of its original VBU) one for foot, one for horse. The hex-based ensign piece indicates a leader piece with a 5mm die to show the current leadership bonus:


I also use couple of counter boards to keep track of turns and each armies current VDT: