Baroque – IRCRA Unit Building


As I am finding it much simpler just to use Baroque as written most of the customization now goes into the Baroque unit types and the assignment of values and characteristics based on the  specific historic makeup and performance of a unit. The Warband (WB) type is made much more granular and an entire class, HW – Highland Warband, has been added. It some special cases this class may also be used in Ireland and elsewhere. The WB class is expanded to allow for a number of ad hoc, quasi military units.

In building the units their historic size is now taken into consideration in adjusting capabilities. The size is also rendered on the movement stands in a more systematic way as is the positioning of the pieces on the move stand depending on type or tactical doctrine.

The downloadable PDF documents for constructing units can now be found here:

Unit Builder – Unit Types

Unit Builder – Characteristics