MULROY (1688)

The Battle of Mulroy is considered the last large scale inter-clan battle fought in the Scottish Highlands. There had, for several hundred years, been a dispute between the MacDonalds of Keppoch and Clan Macintosh concerning the ownership of a portion of land in the Keppoch region. At a deeper level it reflected the clash between the Clan system concepts of ownership and the overlaid feudal system that shifted power to the monarchy and far off government.

The battle was fought on the slopes of Maol Ruadh above the modern town of Roybridge. The MacDonalds and their allies held the high ground against a larger force of Clan Macintosh, along with the Clan Chattan Association and at least one regular unit of the government army.

The MacDonald’s scored a decisive victory but ultimately a mutually satisfactory solution was brokered as the clan system began to vanish and the Highlands were pacified by the central goverment. This pacification, beginning formally with the Statutes of Iona (1609), was finally accomplished with the crushing of the last Jacobite rising in 1746.

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The battle was wargamed using a draft copy of For King and Parliament with a few local extentions added for the Highlanders.

MacDonald Order of Battle

Mackintosh Order of Battle