FOR KING & PARLIAMENT: Move Stand Configuration

Updated Aug 28, 2018
I have done multiple posts on how I have setup various units on move stands over the course of working with the For King and Parliament rules. I thought it would now be easier to document them on a single page. I am still tweaking the figure ratio to make scenario design easier and more consistent.

I use 3” x 2.5” magnetic move stands (now popularly called “sabots”) that allow a variety of components to be assembled in multiple ways to add interest and diversity. My standard figure piece is 1” x 1” with varying numbers of figures per piece.

Square Pieces
Six figure foot units represent 150 to 180 men (standard infantry)
Four figure foot units represent about 70 to 120 men (Highlanders)
Three figure foot units represent about 50 to 100 men (Forlorns and Dragoons)
Two figure horse units represent about 40 to 80 men (all types)

Hex Pieces
Three Figure represent about 25 to 75 men {Melee Weapons}
Two Figures represent about 50 men {Attached Shot}

A variety of other pieces that contain additional figures (such as officers, ensigns and additional pikes) maybe added to the unit configuration for appearance. A wide selection of scenic filler strips are added for spacing as well as dice frames and labels.

FK&P Unit Configurations BLOG

P = Pike, M = Musket, H = Highlander, T = Trooper, W = melee’ Weaponier

The actual count of pikes and muskets may not be equal to the ratio modeled by the unit but is done to aid in visual recognition. The standard musket & pike unit includes both 1:2 and the typical Covenanter 2:3 ratios.

If an historic Musket and Pike regiment fielded substantially more than 600 men it is my usual practice to break it into two separate battalions (which would have been the common practice at the time). Likewise, if a horse regiment is much over 300 men it is broken into two “squadrons”.

For Highlanders I have a subcategories of Retinue and Levy. The retinue is comprised of members of the warrior class who belong to the chief’s household or other leaders in the clan hierarchy.  The levy may include some retinue but is mainly  comprised of common clansmen often indifferently armed. The level of experience (Veteran, Seasoned, Raw) is usually closely related to the number of warriors in the unit. Levy units are often Untried.

Rabble is configured as Highlanders (above) but is always Raw and Untried.