Highland – All Factions

In its current state (and it will probably remain so for the foreseeable future) the highland forces ended up with command pieces for ten clans – two Covenanter (Campbell) and the rest Royalist (including four MacDonald). In addition there are two highland musket and pike regiments.

All told I painted 84 highland warriors, 24 highland bowmen, and 36 clan levy to make up the various types of highland warband combat pieces. The highland regular levy combat pieces consist of 18 pike and 36 musketeers which can be used to form two or three musket and pike regiments or to form hybrid infantry regiments with some of the warband pieces. These 198 figures can combine to form a highland army of about 2600 men should I decide at some point to do the battle of Killiecrankie or other battles from the Jacobite wars.

In addition to fighting the wars of Montrose, they will certainly see service in Ireland as Redshanks and will also allow for the possibility of doing some of the interaclan warfare of the period As well. However, I’d probably need to double the number of clan levy figures if I attempt to do clan battles in the islands and highlands.

The picture below shows all the present assortment of figures. The MacDonalds and their allies are in the foreground with the dreaded Campbells are advancing across the burn toward them. Two regular highland levy regiments (the MacKenzies and the Gordons) support the Campbells on the hillside to the rear:

Hiighland Clan Army - all factions

The chart below names the clans represented by the command pieces in the picture above. The standards shown usually come from some aspect of the associated clan’s heraldry but those for Glengarry and Clanranald pay tribute to my A Song of Ice and Fire fetish:

Clan Ensigns


The standards of the two highland levy musket and pike regiments are shown below. As with the clan standards the colors and devices used are representative of the associated clan’s coat of arms.

Highland Clan Levy Regiments

To complete the highland forces I made a Campbell field officer command piece which carries the banner of Argyll:

Campbell Field Commander

This piece will probably represent the Covenanter commander at the battle of Inverlochy and possibly the Marquis himself from time to time.

Update 02-21-2016
I decided I need a few more regular clan levy which I treat as conventionally armed (musket&pike) shire or local fencibles. These are Campbell/Argyllshire along with some skirmishers.

I have pretty much run out of regular Scots foot (which I modify to wearing kilts and plaids) so took it a step farther and used regular figures with soft hats which I cut down to bonnets:

Argyll Fencibles

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