The Advance on Leith: Setup

The header picture shows the lead elements of Innes’ Brigade at the foot of Arthur’s Seat.

A very brief post about my being distracted from working on the Battle of Alford by a lovely scenario by Peter Page. It is an event from the Third Civil War (Cromwell’s invasion of Scotland in 1650) and is based on the skirmishing around Edinburgh as Cromwell attempted to circumvent the Scottish defences.

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The table set-up for “The Advance on Leith” with the Commonwealth forces to the left (South) and the Scots to the right (North). The western edge of the board is dominated by the steep slopes of Arthur’s Seat (whose peak is somewhat exaggerated in the backdrop painting).
The blue rectangles on the table foreground contain the reinforcements which will enter the game later. Cromwell’s Brigade of veteran horse to the left and Major General Montgomerie’s Brigade of Scots lancers to the right.

Peter and Paul’s group (which I privately, and affectionately, refer to as “The Apostles”) put on this game a couple weeks ago at the “Call to Arms” show in Wellington, NZ. As we both work in 10mm, the Pendraken Form is our frequent gathering place and the link below contains several pictures and comments on the scenario as it played out in Wellington:

Pendraken Forum, Advance on Leith

Similar information is also provided on the “To the Strongest! Forum” along with the Scenario document (which I link directly below):

I have been busily rebasing my W3K stuff and have had “The Advance on Leith” set up for well over a week awaiting only the rebasing of the field officers. There is some near immutable law that when you need an order to complete a project it will fail to arrive in a timely fashion.

Pendraken Miniatures is an excellent company with a wide range of wonderful products and, IMHO, customer service that sets the standard in the industry. I order on average every six weeks or so and have been doing so for six years. I know that when I get their notice of shipping that it will take from six to ten days to receive it.

On receiving the notice that the order containing my new officer bases was shipped, I began preparing by debasing my existing models. After ten days I became concerned that they had not arrived. The rate limiting step in transport is U.S. Customs (which is why it is sometimes nine or ten days from the UK). They went out by Royal Air Mail on August 8, when they did not arrive on Monday, August 19, I became very concerned.

When the mail arrived on the 20th, sans order, I decided to base the officers a different way so I could get on with the game. I knew that taking this decision meant that the order would arrive the next day! Of course, if I waited another they would not arrive! It is like some sort of Schrödinger’s cat thing on the macro level.

At 4:00 PM on the 21st, all the steps were complete and I had my officers rebased. I walked out to the post box (having just heard the mail truck stop). I knew, with absolute assurance, that my order would be there. It was.

The battle report (using FK&P) will follow soon.

5 thoughts on “The Advance on Leith: Setup

  1. Bill, it’s really nice to see your table set up in situ, as it gives a nice idea of its actual size. Much smaller than I thought but perfect for my sort of mid-week games and the space available this side of the pond. Looking forward to the AAR.


    • Steve, thanks so much. I am a big fan of Norm Smith’s small area setup and, more and more, following suit. The grid boxes are 4”(100mm) with a linear playing surface scale of 1mm = 1yard.
      I have two 3’ x 3’ gridded mats (mousepad material) which allows for a fixed short axis of nine boxes and a variable long axis ranging from nine to eighteen boxes (in increments of one box). This is the “world” into which I’ll make everything fit in future. 😀

      The decision to reduce buildings and trees to 6mm gives, I think, a more open look.


      • I too use 6mm buildings for many of my 10mm wargames, as they just look right. I know others who do the same with 28mm figures, but use 20mm buildings.


  2. I understand about the mail determining your project progress. It all looked great! Enjoy actually getting to do the battle!


    • Thanks, Bonnie. It is now underway. Solo games are always slow for me. I think about things way too long (which I can do when no human opponent is drumming his/her fingers on the table in exasperation! 😄)


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