Small Beginnings

The header picture is the cover of Johnathan Cooper’s quite wonderful, The Rose & The Heart The Battle Of Linlithgow Bridge 1526 (Partizan Press, 2004). Cooper and illustrator, Alan Gault, are both period re-enactors and, as any serious re-enactor should, bring a special breadth and depth because of their physical acquaintance with the dress, weapons and tactics of the time. The book gives an excellent analysis of a little known battle with many useful maps, period and interpretive illustrations and even a section on wargaming the battle. I also appreciate that Cooper included in the several appendices, contemporary (or nearly so ) accounts of the battle.

I’m continuing to experiment with smaller pieces using 20mm hex bases (rather the 25mm squares I use for my standard basing). This will allow me to have skirmishing units with hackbutts (the English term I’ll use for a large category of firearms), various bow types (English, Scottish, crossbow), billmen, halberdiers, spearmen, and other assorted fighters. These may also be useful as denominational units, that is adding the ability to break down standard pieces into smaller ones.

I selected a bunch more figures from my eBay Flodden purchase and added some new Pendraken figures to supplement them. Both types then got painted (or repainted) to match my own sensibilities about the Flodden period. (Click the pictures below to enlarge).

Figures on painting sticks and ready to receive their new clothes.
New figures are primed in burnt umber then all the figures get new flesh and primary color blocks.
Accouterments, weapon shafts, steel armor and weapons are completed.
I had one bag of Pendraken’s border horse (beautiful sculpts) and decided to do them with this batch. I paused on the foot until I had the horse caught up. In the center are representative faction flags (made seven of each) that I turned out while waiting for paint to dry. The factions (from left to right are Howard, Douglas, Earl of Lennox).
Some dry brush highlights and light shadow washes done. Cannibalized more War of the Roses figures and mounted them on 20mm hex bases. Did a few painting modifications.
The border horse (who can be either Scots or English). They will all be used to make small scouting pieces.
Some of the small pieces completed (those assigned to the Earl of Lennox).
The pieces assigned to Howard and Douglas. Those to the right of the Douglas heart flag are unassigned.
A mock-up of the Battle of Linlithgow Bridge wargame as it appears in The Heart and the Rose. The field uses a green on green one inch check so that I can confirm that some of my new scaling plans will work.

I’ll now proceed on to the Battle of Linlithgow.

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  1. I love to see your pieces painted and mounted! You do good work, and it’s easy to see it is a passion. Enjoy your time spent doing what you love. That’s the point of retiring!


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