AGY 3-11-19

I was finally able to get back up to York for a Monday night meeting. The weather in February was so bad I was forced to punt on two attempts, so it was really good to be there. Everybody was getting ready for Cold Wars in Lancaster this weekend where the club (and Little Wars TV) is putting on several games.

I got to play in the test game for the Foy (1945) scenario using Keith’s Disposable Heroes 2 rules. He’ll be doing it at Cold Wars and wanted to get in a critical play-through before presenting it.

A view from the perimeter of the Bois Jacques looking toward Foy which is held by elements of 10th PzG regiment (played by Simon). The attack is to be carried out by E Company, 506th PIR with 1st platoon (Lt. Foley) played by Brian, 3rd platoon (Lt. Stames) played by Miles, and Coy HQ and heavy weapons (Lt. Dike) played by moi. In the picture above we have just started to use our mortars to lay smoke in Foy.
On the right, 3rd platoon (Miles) has already surged forward against stiff German resistance in the large structure and has had to pull back. They did successfully spot the German strongpoint allowing our heavy mortar to reduce it. 1st Platoon (Brian) is making a similar rush on the left.
3rd Platoon is again pressing forward to take the building to their front, while our medium machine gun suppresses the Germans in the ruins in the center.
By game’s end, 1st Platoon is about to take the structure to their front. The smoke is hiding one of their squads which has been rolling grenades into the building. My HQ section has final made an appearance huddled behind the haystack in the left foreground.

Keith had altered the original scenario somewhat by having the German armor and the Flak 88 already withdrawn from the table. This made the German resistance weaker than the original. This weakening, coupled with the use of lots of smoke and consistent aggression on the part of the Americans made it a very successful attack.

In addition to the above, the German player (Simon) was heavily disadvantaged by having only one activation per round to our three, something I think Kieth is now going to tweak for Cold War. Adding to the carnage was my continually making (uncharacteristic) great rolls for the heavy weapons (including using a now-plugged gap in the rules where I apparently used a satellite feed to spot a group of Germans behind a building. I still feel bad, Simon …sort of! 😀)

In addition to Foy, Tom, Tony, Greg, et. al. played a WW1 dogfight using first Cover Your Six followed by a replay with Wings of War:

Two German Albatross (D.III?) prepare to intercept two British Sopwith Triplanes.
The normal chaos of a dogfight.
A box full of some of Tom’s models

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  1. Bill, great to see you getting in some games that aren’t solo affairs. Have a great weekend at the show, hope it goes well and take plenty of pics if you can!


  2. I am always amazed at the amount of research and construction involved in war gaming. I’m glad you were able to go to York and participate in games with other gamers! It was interesting to see the pictures of a much more modern era of gaming.


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