The Montgomery Traveling Circus

My work on a collection of Scenarios for FK&P continues apace. All the maps for Scotland are done and two of the four for Ireland started. The Orders of Battle are started and an approach to writing the actual scenarios worked out. With various other projects underway (which I’ll get to reporting in the new year) I paused to make a more portable wargaming kit for For King and Parliament. The rules contain a scenario for the Battle of Montgomery (1644) and it seemed the easiest to use as a demonstration game since others who have the rules will also have the details of the scenario.

Montgomery Castle (just over the English border in Wales) has been seized by the Parliamentarians who are now besieged by a Royalist force. The battle centers on the Parliamentarian attempt (successful) to lift the siege. Unlike most of the battles I do on the Celtic Fringe, Montgomery has a substantial amount of cavalry on both sides. As usual, the pics can be clicked to enlarge.

A general view of the tabletop looking east toward the Parlimentarian army. The Royalists are in the foreground deployed on rising ground below the Castle proper. The Royalists have a holding force at the Castle preventing a sally from the Parliamentarian garrison.

The Royalist foot (two brigades) defending the approach from the Salt Bridge on the River Camlad.

The Royalist horse (also two brigades), placed to the south of their foot, sit athwart the approach from the County Boundry Bridge.

The Parliamentarian foot of the relief force (a single strong brigade) is deployed on a hillock about 400 yards from the Royalist position.

Most of the Parliamentarian horse is deployed near the Boundry Bridge.

I have made a few basing changes (yet again!) but only affect the organization of the sabots with no actually rebasing the figures (thankfully). The new sabots have three inch fronts and two inch depths. I can now get two units, one behind the other, in the same box without spilling over the boundaries.

As the Royalist did not immediately engage the relief force, the Parliamentarians detached a weak brigade of horse to forage for supplies. This brigade may have returned to engage in the battle and come on the tabletop as a random event.

After seeing the New Zealand group use multicolored 5mm pom poms (“fuzz balls”) as their various FK&P game markers, I have replaced the fiddly 5mm dice I use for Dash and Ammo counters with them. They are proving way easier (and quicker) to use.

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