Lay of the Land: Justice Mills 1644

I am now setting up the basic tabletop for each of the battles I want to do as FK&P scenarios. I have already written about and played through three of them, Tippermuir, Inverlochy and Auldearn (plus Benburb and Liscarroll with other rules) so I’ll revisit them last.

Doing a three dimensional setup (with a plausible deployment added) lets me visualize the gaming possibilities much better than a flat map. This is particularly true when fitting terrain features to the grid. One wants the terrain to be properly scaled and the major features kept in proper relationship to each other. Perhaps more importantly the end result needs to be playable. This means the terrain needs to present the same general types of tactical problems faced by the historic commanders without getting carried away with detail.

With the final setup decided upon a rough map can be made which will later be translated into a more polished (and hopefully more readable) deployment map. Taking pictures of the completed tabletop will also give me detailed references for writing the scenario objectives.

Four views of the Justice Mills set up are below: (click to enlarge)

JM_East View

The Battle of Justice Mills: the view looking east. The essential features are labeled.


JM_North View

The Battle of Justice Mills: view to the north. The Royalist army in one plausible deployment is in the foreground with the units labeled.


JM_South View

The Battle of Justice Mills: the view to the south. A reasonable deployment for the Covenanter army with its units labeled is in the foreground.


JM_West View

The Battle of Justice Mills: the view to the west. The battle is set up on a 9 x 12 grid, with each box equaling one hundred meters

Next up, the Battle of Alford.

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