For King and Parliament rules have been published

After a huge amount of writing, testing, retesting, rewriting, retesting, and all around hard work on the part of Simon Miller and Andrew Brentnall, the FK&P rules can now be purchased (and nearly a month early!). Congratulations on an impressive effort.

For King and Parliament is an extension of Simon’s well known To the Strongest! rules system, but with many clever additions by Andrew and Simon to capture the specifics of c. 17th warfare and the flavor of the War of the Three Kingdoms (ECW or BCW as one prefers). Played on an unobtrusive gridded surface, it is easy to learn, easy to play and delivers a fast play game. In this simplicity, however, the game contains many nuances of play which will intrigue even the most knowledgeable ECW Wargamer.


The rules may be purchased at the Big Red Bat Cave.

8 thoughts on “For King and Parliament rules have been published

  1. You are most welcome, enjoyed a chance to play around with the rules early and know how much hard work went into completing the project. I wish you and Andrew ever success. Now, about the c. 16th, WSS, and fantasy extensions to To the Strongest!


  2. Great news that they are available earlier than Salute and my order is already in. I’ve enjoyed all of your reports Bill and they have pushed me towards some Monmouth Rebellion games, initially with my wooden blocks whilst I get my figures based etc.


  3. Thanks, Steve, glad I helped nudge you in that direction. I look forward to hearing (or seeing) what you come up with. Every gamer needs a set of colored blocks – mine have provided endless options for experimenting with rules and ideas in areas I’ll never have a chance to do with actual figures. 😀


  4. Thanks Bill, really appreciate all your help. It couldn’t make any decent claim to be for the Wars outside England without your assistance! Now, I am just beginning to dip my toe into the eighteenth century, and am considering hereby -allowing units to face in any one of eight directions!



    • Andrew, thanks for your kind remarks. I had a great deal of fun with FK&P in its later development stages and will continue to have fun into the future.
      The are beautifully conceived and written rules!


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