Monmouth Rebellion Updates

The header picture shows a closeup of the First Battalion First Foot Guards circa 1685.

As I posted earlier I have all of the figures I commissioned JTP Painting Services to do for me (thanks, Nathan!) and have some of the final basing completed. I made and added the pikes and flags, Nathan did the rest. I just noted I forgot to do the final wash on the pikes! Nothing like a close-up photo to find your mistakes.

Here is a wider view showing the Guards with grenadiers place to there right and three regiments of West Country Militia Horse:

first guaards and militia horse

The militia horse can be used in a number of different roles including that of government horse in the Killiecrankie campaign. At the moment their flags are rather generic (and possibly nonsensical 😀). The government command bases are also fairly generic .

A close-up of the Militia Horse:

West Country Militia Horse

I have already done Monmouth’s army myself but I had JTP do Monmouth’s Lifeguard. Technically only one base will represent the Lifeguard with the rest making up additional troops of Grey’s horse:

Monmouth's Life Guard

concurrently with work on the Monmouth Rebellion I am also working on Flodden.



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  1. Sorry, been on a sabbatical for a while but hoping to get some time to get back into my Sedgemoor armies. Nice figures, nice arrangements and good work. Hope all is well. G


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