Assembling the Scots Flodden Army: The Main

The header picture is a detail of the center (the King’s ward) of Scots army (which is shown again at the end of the post in clickable form).

Virtually all of the figures purchased from EBay were repainted and approximately eighty more painted from scratch. All the figures, old and new, are Pendraken. The flags are mostly Pendraken as well, although they were scanned to linen paper and enlarged by about thirty percent (a process I did first discuss with the Pendraken folks). There is no historic rationale for this enlargement but I have become enamored by the look. It certainly makes unit identification simpler.

With the exception of the reserve all the levy pikes are completed and gathered together in the Flodden Order of Battle. The long pikes were a very recent addition to the Scots army, replacing the spears normally carried, and organized along the lines of the highly successful Swiss mercenary armies.

Scots Flodden Main

The three large pike blocks (I’ll use the medieval term, “Ward”) represent the bulk of the Scots army. The largest, the Center Ward, is commanded by the king in person (indicated by the red lion banner just to left of center in the largest block). The Left Center Ward and Left Ward complete the main array. <click to enlarge>


Scots Flodden center left and left

The Left Center Ward shows the flags of its commanders, Errol, Montrose, and Lindsay. The Fife levy carries the seal of St. Andrews in a colour scheme I borrowed from George Wyllie’s Blog. I also added the Douglas, Earl of Angus (heart and stars) since I will need him and his heirs in future battles. The Left Ward is commanded by Lord Home (white rampant lion on a green field). His co-commander, the Earl of Huntley (three gold boar’s heads on dark blue) along with his pikes from Aberdeen and Inverness, are on the extreme left. Once his Gordon Highlanders are completed, he will head them as a separate unit. <click to enlarge>


Scots Flodden partial right

The Right Ward is commanded by the Earl of Argyll (the yellow and black gyronny flag) and is supported by the Earls of Caithness and Lennox. This Ward is comprised mainly of Highlanders which have yet to be completed. <click to enlarge>


Scots Flodden Kings Ward

A more detailed view of the Center Ward. The Earl of Arran (white and red, quartered) is included. While not arriving in time for the battle (He was the Lod Admiral of Scotland), he and his heirs will be required for later battles. To the rear is the Earl of Bothwell and the levy pikes of Lothian. He will command the Reserve Ward when it is completed. <click to enlarge>

While the bulk of the army is now assembled, I still need to complete three additional steps:

The first (and by far the largest) is constructing the various highland contingents. This will be 111 figures of which about a third come from the EBay purchase (bows and a few gallowglass types). These last will, have to be repainted into more believable colour schemes. The remaining figures are new (both gallowglass and clan levy types). Incidently, I use “gallowglass” here for the more heavily armored Highlanders. These are all mounted and ready for their base coat (although I need to add small bucklers to about have the levies).

The second task is completing Bothwell’s reserve. This will be eighteen new figures to represent the men of Ettrick, Selkirk, and Galashiels.

Finally the guns of the ordinance will need to be organized from the EBay purchase (with probably two additional guns added to get the ratio right). The command/master gunner will also have to be done from scratch.


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