Beginning the Scots Sixteenth Century Army

It makes sense to first configure for Flodden and then adapt from there. I am basically using the order of battle from the boardgame, Flowers of the Forest, which I mentioned in the previous post, with a few additions such as bows for the highland contingents and retinues for a few additional lords, notably the Earls of Angus, Arran and Cunningham.

I looked at every illustration I could find (mainly modern artists) and many wargaming blogs that have already done Flodden. There is a fairly wide range of interpretation although most everybody agrees on the appearance of the flags. I have decided to use the descriptions in George Gush’s Renaissance Armies 1480-1650 as the ground for my work. As Stephen Walsh’s illustrations in John Sadler’s excellent, Flodden 1513 Scotland’s Greatest Defeat (Osprey 2006) appear to closely follow Gush’s description, they provide the prime reference for painting (and repainting). Walsh uses a very crisp and lively ink and watercolor style of which I vastly approve.

The painted armies I bought on EBay were clearly done for quick and dirty wargaming (I don’t know their provenance but would guess they were done for the 500th of Flodden, then forgotten). They use a very limited color palette and anything that could be painted silver/steel was (including quite a few things that should not have been). Still and all using them is better than starting with base metal (although I need about forty figures with polearms so they’ll be done from the ground up).

The beginning of the task is below (click to enlarge):

water bath

A few pikeman in a warmer bath to soften their bases for easier removal.

another wave of soaked bases

The Highlanders (which will be heavily supplemented) along with the horse and guns are set aside to be done in phase two)

Reporposing WoR

Foot knights from my War of the Roses army are being cannibalized to become Scottish lords. I figure they are wearing their grandfathers’ armour.

individual pikes

They red trays contain the various pikemen separated from their bases and ready to mount on painting sticks. In the foreground are some lords on their new bases and ready for repainting. The bare metal figures in the background are being prepared for a full paint job.

On over-flow cutting board

In the overflow area pikemen in “white harness” are ready for touching up and have their doublets painted in a wider variety of colours.

Various Aspects

The lord are getting their heraldry, many of they pikemen their brigandines and chain, and the new polearm men are primed.

Jacks and partial polearms

In the center, after repainting their pavises and doublets, some of the front line pikemen are fixed on the large stands I’ll use for pike blocks. Work continues on more of the pikemen and the new polearm men are starting to get colour blocked.

new lords and polearms near complete

The painting and repainting continues apace. In the left foreground another set of lords is being prepared.