Head Eclipse

The header photo is from Sky and Telescope.

On rare occasions I step out of the 17th century and observe events in my local environment (see “Snowzilla“).

August 21st was the coast-to-coast Solar Eclipse Day where the path of totality streaked clear across the country, from Oregon to South Carolina. Almost everyone on the continent had a chance to observe the event and many made trips in excess of a thousand miles to be in the band of totality. It’s probably the first time we’ve done anything together as a united people in quite along time. A blessed relief.

In our area we reached about 81% totality at the mid-afternoon maximum. My wife and I each made our own pinhole projectors, mine a small hole punched in card stock and her’s an elaborate dark box with view port and replaceable foil to adjust the pinhole size.

We were fortunate with the cloud cover (none for most of the period and scattered at the maximum).

My best picture (which I call, “Head Eclipse”) was serendipitous. I took a selfie and the image of the sun reflected off my iPhone screen, passed through my glasses and was projected above my left eye:

I have now seen a bunch of pinhole images but these were particularly neat:

Elclipsified Leaf-gap Shadows

We (the country) has now returned to business as usual and I have escaped back to the Celtic Fringe of the 17th century.