Wargaming Benburb: Useful References

I forgot to add to the last post some notable wargaming references for doing Benburb. The essential reference is Clive Hollick’s The Battle of Benburb 1646 (Mercer Press, 2011). It gives a clear summary of the situation in Ireland, the make up of the armies, a detailed order of battle with maps of the conjectured deployments and a careful description of how the battle was fought. You will want to search for the best price!

Robert Giglio provides a detailed scenario of both Benburb and Ballaghkillgevill in English Civil War Gaming Scenarios Vol. 3 (Partizan Press, 2005). This can be used by any rules system but was designed with Forlorn Hope in mind.

Most recently Charles Singleton provides an overview scenario for Benburb in To Kill a King (Warlord Games, 2017). This the long awaited ECW supplement to the Pike & Shotte rules system so is obviously geared to those rules.


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  1. You know I’m not that person, but this information is very helpful to someone wanting to research the battle. I love your level of commitment to your hobby, I mean your unpaid job. I appreciate your consideration for those who want to know more but may not know where to look.


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