Monmouth’s Green Regiment – 1685 – (And Friends)

Although the last foot regiment painted, the Green Regiment was one of the first two formed (the other being the Red):

Monmouth's green regiment

The Green Regiment, under command of Lt. Col. Holmes, an experienced Cromwellian officer, was in the front line at Sedgemoor. It stood for some time exchanging fire with Dumbarton’s Foot (later the Royal Scots) and then maintained a stout defense against the enemy horse until they were finally overrun. In addition to Sedgemoor, the Green Regiment saw substantial fighting in and around Norton St. Phillip.

Monmouth’s small artillery train of four light guns (here represented by two single gun batteries) is placed to the Green Regiment’s left. The gunner/commander is placed just to the right of the guns:

Monmouth's green regiment & friends

Lord Grey’s Regiment of Horse, Monmouth’s principal mounted force, is represented by several troops organizes as the second squadron (to the right rear of the Green Regiment):

Monmouth's green regiment & friends 2

The second squadron’s banner is complete fantasy, being the modern and quite recently adopted flag of Dorset.

The first squadron will carry the conjectured sea green banner with “James III” crown and cypher. This squadron is part of the contracted painting and will complete Monmouth’s field army.

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