Monmouth’s Yellow Regiment – 1685

The Yellow Regiment was the fourth to be formed and the last before Monmouth lead his army out of the area of Lyme Regis where he first landed:

They were first organized under Major James Fox but commanded by Col. Matthews at Sedgemoor where they were in the center of the rebel front line and saw some of the more intense fighting:

in the photo above they are shown on a deeper movement stand with their pikes set slightly to the rear.  As with the other rebel regiments, I have done several  head swaps and weapon alterations to give a much more diverse look.

6 thoughts on “Monmouth’s Yellow Regiment – 1685

  1. S’truth! Each regiment may have had as many as 200 hundred men with improvised weapons. Contemporary accounts suggest that the soldiers of the Royal Army were somewhat intimidated about going against fellows carrying sharp, two or three foot blades attached to six foot poles!

    Had the rebels caught James II’s army by surprise at Sedgemoor (as was the intent) it might very well have been James III (Monmouth) on the throne (and no Glorious Revolution after all).

    Thanks for the comment and complement, Nathan.
    (At some point we’ll see how they do against the lads your painting 😀)


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