Monmouth and the Lyme Independent Company

The header photograph is by Paul Hockey from the lovely Taunton Garrison re-enactment site.

As I continue to work on various projects I wanted to clear my workbench of a few things which have been primed and on their painting sticks since sometime before Christmas. The painting and basing took four or five hours at most and I wonder now why I didn’t just get it done a few months ago. Such is the life of the solo wargamer who has not the pressure of getting ready for a group game and (like me) is easily distracted by – well – everything.

Monmouth’s army naturally needs officers to lead it with the most indispensable being The duke himself. To this end I first finished off a special command base to represent Monmouth on the table top.  He was considered (even by his contemporary detractors) a handsome devil and, as the bastard son of Charles II, well use to power and wealth. He was also a very capable soldier, but not always blessed with similar skill in politics.

Below, Monmouth (clothed in his favorite purple) is seen peering through a spyglass as one of his officers points out various landmarks. The local fauna seem undisturbed by the great man’s presence:


A reverse view shows a cornet holding the personal standard Monmouth chose for this adventure. As shown in the header picture it is of Leveller sea green (an interesting choice!) emblazoned with the words, “Fear Nothing But God”.  A junior officer holds the duke’s horse, a dappled grey with purple and gold furnishings:


After landing at Lyme Regis, Monmouth began forming foot regiments by taking the in-coming recruits and assigning them as quickly as possible so drilling could begin. The men of his host town wished to form an independent unit, which the duke gave leave for them to do. It was small (prehapes 100 to 150 men) and is shown below as the Lyme Independent Company:

Monmouth's Lyme IC 1

For wargame purposes in Baroque they are formed up as open order musketeers:

Monmouth's Lyme IC 2

The next portion to come for Monmouth’s army will be the Yellow Regiment, whose figures I am beginning to clean and modify.

7 thoughts on “Monmouth and the Lyme Independent Company

  1. Most excellent- thanks! I am just raising my first Williamite regiments. I was interested to read about Monmouth’s purple coat- do you think he wore that in the Sedgemoor campaign?


  2. The purple coat is a bit of a reach but I believe the gentleman did like to strike a pose, so why not? There are a couple references to him bringing red coats to be distributed to at least some of the recruits. It was conjectured since purple was believed to be his favorite they were faced (lined) in purple (or the reverse!)

    I use Christopher Scott’s books (Partizan Press) on the Sedgemoor campaign for much of the sourcing on the appearance of the forces.

    Good luck with your Williamite army, look forward to seeing it.


    • I’m picking that book up tomorrow, from Caliver. 🙂 Today I collected a big box of Front Rank late c17th. It’ll be a slow burner though, because I’m collecting ECW at the same time… exciting though.


  3. Great modelling! Thanks for the share, beautiful vignettes there and love the standard, which I assume is home-made?


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