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Actually all the stuff I do is fun stuff. Even the boring stuff like painting, basing and working on scenery. I spend a good deal of time doing things that get ready for wargaming and very little time actually gaming. This is not a unique experience in the hobby.  I see it expressed in forums, blogs, articles and even during that rarest of events for me – an actual face-to-face conversation about wargaming.

I mentioned a while back that I am holding off on the Battle of Benburb until the new roads and rivers arrive. The historical battles on the Celtic Fringe are my first love and true passion (in wargaming at least) and I spend a huge amount of time in continuing to soak up the period. As I wait to complete Benburb I am slowly painting Monmouth’s 1685 army and portions of  MacKay’s 1689 army. Even so I would like to play games more often – much more often. Thanks to a bunch of stuff I already had in storage, the inspiration of another gamer and a simple, relatively new game system (One Hour Wargames by Neil Thomas), I am now able to do just that.

I have two other blogs, one of which, Signa et Portenta, is on sabbatical until a certain figure manufacturer completes their range of figures to provide the opposition force for a historo-fantasy army I already have painted, based, and ready to roll. The other blog, Leaden Ships and Tin Men, is a handy place to park pictures and is now also being used to document some of my other gaming pursuits.

The One Hour Wargame (OHW) system I mentioned will use primarily my old 25/28mm figures and will require neither much space nor extensive setup time (being played on a 3′ x 3′ battlemat). I took a time out to build some simple, somewhat stylized terrain features to cover all the possibilities needed for the many generic scenarios in the OHW system.

The first battle report uses my Der Kriegspielers Napoleonic figures and plays out OHW Scenario One which is a pitched battle between British and Russian forces fighting in a hypothetical war in 1809 set in Estonia:


The Battle Report can be found here: Horse and Musket OHW S1.

I won’t completely leave the Sevententh Century with OHW either, since one of my plans is a alternate history war beginning in the Spring of 1643, fought between a united England and a coalition of the Covenanters of Scotland and the Catholic Confederation of Ireland (which would have taken some serious negotiations!). The header picture (above) shows the two foot brigades of the Scots Irish Coalition.

The second battle report is from that 1643 alternate history  war and is a replay of Scenario One fought with the Pike and Shot rules:


The Battle Report can be found here: Pike and Shot OWH S1.

Finally I did a third battle using Scenario Twenty-Six and the Pike and Shot rules. I switched back to 10mm and used my  New Model Army and Ormonde’s Anglo/Irish Royalist Army:


The Battle Report can be found here: Pike and Shot 10mm OHW S26.

It was fun to play with the hefty larger scale figures but it again validates my decision to switch to 10mm. While the 25/28mm have more figure detail, the birds eye effect of a battle in 10mm (even with these simple set ups) is to me more stunning. It’s not called “God’s Own Scale” for nothing. And while I say 10mm  doesn’t have the detail of 25/28mm, the figures have as much (or more) detail than I will ever paint!



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  1. It’s good to see that you are taking time to do more than paint! It may be time to invite an old friend to try out your new simpler gaming system and see how you like it with a live opponent. Blessings and have fun!


  2. Thanks Gentlemen. Bart, I know that Andy knows this but Aart Brouwer (Author of the “God’s Own Scale”) was a wounderful writer and great proponent of 10mm wargaming. Unhappily he passed away in the Summer of 2013. His wife maintains his blog as a tribute to his memory.


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