Mind the Gap

I am rather at a standstill on doing my Celtic Fringe battles. I am in the process of upgrading how I do terrain (or more properly bring what I do more in line with mainstream wargaming). I helped fund a kickstarter for terrain features back in November. The small company has produced features (mainly rivers and roads) for over fifteen years and is now doing a product expansion. Those that use the current product are very pleased and they come well recommended.

I was hoping to have the features by now but I have a large order and the company is still gearing up its production. The bottom line is that I decided not to continue with Benburb until I have the new stuff. I am stubborn that way. I’ll feature the terrain company in a later post after I have received the new roads and rivers.

To pass the time I’ve been working on many other projects, most of which will be recorded at one of my other blogs.

I very much like the new magnetic movement trays but finally (after doing some small Baroque games) decided I did not like the slight gap that appears between the various pieces due to the use of magnetic film on both the pieces and the movement tray. I have now switched to steel movement trays to tighten the gap. The custom trays done by Pendraken will find happy application elsewhere.

While several wargame suppliers have metal stands, due to my very specific dimensions (in inches) I had mine custom done by these folks: Online Metals.

They were very fast and very accurate (which of course means they weren’t cheap!). I chose ASTM A1008 (cold rolled steel) to get the excellent magnetic properties I wanted and used 1/8″ thickness to conform to every other basing I do. To say that the new magnetic movement stands have heft would be an understatement :-).

The result is very satisfactory as shown in an extreme case of an early tercio represented below:


It occurred to me later that I could have prehapes used a steel film appliqué on my MDF movement trays but so far have not found a suitable product. At this point I probably won’t spend more effort on the search.

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