Menzies of Weem Independent Highland Company

The book pictured in the post header is an interesting read concerning the history of the independent companies and gives much useful coverage to their 17th century origins and the context of their organization and operation. Ultimately they formed the nucleus of the many Highland Regiments of the British army. The name of the Royal Highland Regiment, the”Black Watch”, echoes its beginnings in these companies.

In simplest terms they acted as a police force, retrieving stolen livestock, tamping down feuds between clans and generally keeping the peace (or trying at least) in much of the Highlands.

Menzies of Weem joined General MacKay of Scourie’s Government army in time for the battle of Killiecrankie in 1789. The government of Scotland was by then supporting the Williamite cause against the Jacobites under the leadership of James Graham of Claverhouse, Viscount Dundee.

This is the first unit of my planned Killiecrankie campaign armies:


Menzies of Weem Independent Highland Company

Based on Stuart Reid’s “I met the Devil and Dundee”, Menzies of Weem may not yet have been an “official” independent company of the government (they soon would be, however) but I choose to put about half of them in Government red lined white coats anyway. The rest wear the dress of the typical Highland gentleman.

In terms of Baroque I am representing them as a skirmish (S) unit but with a +1MM.

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