New Baroque Status Markers

With all the base and movement tray reworking I was left with bunches of drummers and officers (already painted).  This surplus now gave me the opportunity to replace the various status markers used in Baroque with ones that would look like part of the unit or the scenery.

I had been using colored cubes for this purpose and had even gone through the process of toning down the colors to make them less obvious. Now I decided to replace most of them with actual figures. I began by gluing them to pennies that had been coated with a thick layer of spackling paste. After drying overnight I did the usual painting, tufting and flocking of the bases:


The officer/drummer pair (left) will denote that the unit is disordered, the single drummer(center) that it has reacted and the small rock pile (right) that it has not used a one-time weapon or ability.


The specific uses are also shown on my marker reference page.

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