Monmouth’s Red Regiment – 1685

The second regiment that I have completed is Monmouth’s red regiment. It is reported that Monmouth brought with him a number of uniform coats that were red with purple lining (purple was evidently the duke’s favorite color). It is not known who wore them (if anyone) so I decided to give them to the red regiment ( but assume they were insuffcient in quantity to dress the entire regiment):


Not much is known about the flags carried by Monmouth’s army, although many have conjectured that they were the color of the respective regiments’ names. I’ll follow that convention and place a unique political or religious slogan on each rather than the common practice of giving a pattern similar to the militia. At least twenty-seven standards were made and presented to the army by “the Maids of Taunton” (header illustration) and mottos sewn into the silk flags at least seems plausible.

As I work on Monmouth’s forces I am modifying lots of figures (which are exclusively Pendraken) with weapon and head swaps (and some green stuff here and there). I decided I wanted a few pitchfork welders so I modified the regular scythemen:


I am planning to add one to each of the remaining regiments to be completed.

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