Monmouth’s Blue Regiment – 1685

Since the ECW figures that I require are essentially complete I have begun work on the the post-1670 figures. I’ll use exclusively Pendraken’s most excellent League of Augsburg range (with a few head and weapons swaps here and there). The first areas of concentration will be Monmouth’s 1685 rebellion in the West Country (the Sedgemoor Campaign) and Dundee’s 1689 rebellion in Scotland (the Killiecrankie campaign). While Sedgemoor is not actually contained in the Celtic Fringe (although Cornwall certainly is) I have said elsewhere that I am interested in anything in 17th Century Britain that occurred as fringe event to the major struggles for power.

Below is the first regiment (the Blue) of Monmouth’s army:


Although often called “The Pitchfork Rebellion” implying an undisciplined mob, Monmouth’s army was actually pretty well organized and fought in the manner of the armies of the period. They were not uniformed (with a few minor exceptions) and included in their ranks a number of improvised weapons. As a West Virginian who understands the sentiments of rural and other marginal areas which are often forgotten by the powers-that-be, I feel a sympathetic connection to this “rough band of rebels”.

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  1. I’m glad you found a connection to West Virginia! I like the look of these soldiers who lack uniforms. Ragtag armies often accomplish a lot through sheer force of will.


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