Levellers Day 2016

On May 17th, 1649 three captured Leveller leaders of the Banbury Mutiny were executed in Burford, Oxfordshire on orders of the New Model Army high command.

The rightness of their actions can be but condemned  – they were soldiers acting against their command authority.

The rightness of their principles – they were also free men of conscience – can not be denied.

In Memory of

Cornet James Thomson
Corporal Perkins
Private John Church

on the 357th anniversary of their deaths.

Leveller principles included:

  • Right for all people to vote for their representatives
  • Right against self-incrimination
  • Freedom of religion and press
  • Equality of all persons before the law
  • No judgment touching life, liberty or property but by jury trial
  • Abolition of capital punishment except for murder
  • No military conscription of conscientious objectors
  • No monopolies, tithes, or excise taxes
  • Taxation proportionate to real or personal property
  • Grading of punishments to fit the crime
  • Abolition of imprisonment for debt

(from the Constitution Society)


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