To Dress or Not to Dress

I have now played three games using the Regiment of Foote – 2nd Edition rules and am in the processes of writing up the main battle report (Battle of Moanduff). I have various painting projects going on and as I have worked on them I have finally taken the decision to “dress” all my ECW bases.

I have slightly over five hundred combat pieces (bases) and around two hundred command pieces completed. My original plan was to leave them with just plain green bases.  I like the look because it reminds me of my first “tin” soldiers – Britain’s Black Watch – given to me by my grandparents in the early 1950’s. While I had always dressed up the bases on other scales my impression was that the 10mm’s looked better with their bases unadorned.  I have finally decided I was wrong.  After looking at hundreds of pictures (at least) on the Pendraken forums I now like the “finished” bases better. So now I have a huge number of bases that need to have flock, ballast, weeds, grass, etc. added! The only way this gets done is to just do it – so, with a goal of doing one storage box a day (that’s fifteen days minimum), I press on.

The very first completed batch is in the header picture above. The grouping is the first (and larger) box of highland warriors / clan levies and associated command pieces.

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