Regiment of Foote : Preparation

Regiment of Foote, 2nd Edition (Peter Pig, 2016) RoF

Wargame Rules for the English Civil War period (1642 – 1660)

I need to begin by saying that I have never played with a Peter Pig rules set (which obviously includes the first edition) and I play solo. What attracted me to these rules is that they are designed for quick play and use a gridded game board.

My own rules have an underlying, although invisible, grid system but are not quick play nor are they particularly easy to teach (lack of documentation mainly) if I am lucky enough to have a real live opponent.

I like grids because they abstract out much of the tedious fiddling around that makes Lieutenants out of Brigaders. They also quantitize events to make them all or nothing, removing much of the doubt in many game mechanics.

I am not looking for a replacement for what I do but a supplement for doing quick setups and games AND as a way to inveigle friends to play (you know who you are!)

Prior to receiving the rules I have already set up a grid with my 6″ squares of green terrycloth:

RoF - Grid

I have also laid out two armies each with six units of foot, four of horse, and two light guns. I used the preliminary information on the Peter Pig site to get a rough idea of their organization. Happily the move trays I made to experiment with Polemus ECW will generally work with RoF. I picked two armies that never fought each other:

The English Royalists (which never get on the field thanks to my obsession with the wars on the Celtic Fringe):

RoF - English Army

Some may notice the King’s Lifeguard of Foot and Prince Rupert’s foot in the front rank.

And because I DO focus on the Celtic Finge, the opposition is an army of the Irish Confederation:

RoF - Irish Army

At the moment I just want to concentrate on the game mechanics and not get bogged down in the surrounding historical events (which I am prone to do!).

OK, that impulse lasted about as long as it took me to write it. Let’s assume the battle is fought in Ireland and the king has won the First Civil War. The Irish Confederation, although carrying Charles’ cypher on their colours, chooses to maintain their independence. Like Cromwell’s actual reconquest, the king orders the same. The Royal army is approaching Kilkenny (the Confederation Capital) and the last intact Irish Army (Munster) is attempting to delay them.

OK – The rules have arrived and I will put a picture of the cover in the header of each post. I have also just created a post category for RoF.

Now to get to reading!


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  1. I know who you would like to get to play a live game with you. I’ll keep working on him. I hope someday he will learn to appreciate games! He may be more willing to play a game that is shorter in duration. Let us know how you like the rules and if they work to shorten the games.


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