“Snowzilla” seems to be the name many are coalescing around (with the Washington Post leading the charge) for the great East Coast snowstorm/blizzard of January, 2016. While for us, at least, it was a largely peaceful event, for others quite catastrophic – so prayers!

We usually get one or two large snowstorms each year but this one was huge, near three feet of snow (or more) throughout our region. Thought I would put up a few pictures for documentation.

A view to the east two or three days before the storm:


Snowzilla as it stomped through our valley:


The tree to the far right above is the same tree at the center right of the pre-storm picture.

This morning (about 09:00 local) and Snowzilla has returned to its (her? his?) home in the sea:


I stuck a yard stick in the snow on the deck (center of picture) and it measured a bit over 34″. Not a proper scientific measurement but at least as good as the professionals at Reagan in D.C. per this article.

I shall now happily return to my world of the Seventeenth century British Isles.

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