Well one thing always leads to another…and so on…until I’m WAY off track from my planning of last week. The thing is Peter Pig is about to come out with the new edition of Regiment of Foote (you can see the planning document here) ECW rules. What is attractive about them is they will use a grid in a relatively small area AND they should provide a quick play possibility.

The playing surface will be made up of 48 6″ x 6″ squares so, with the rules coming out next week (probably), I wanted to be ready. I experimented with several quick ways to make a gridded playing surface but finally decided to use my vast supply of old towels to make the squares:

Cloth Squares II

A simple task!  Of course I then decided to make extra squares for certain terrain features. Martin usually includes terrain templates in his games but since I was cutting squares anyway what’s a few more! It was during the cutting of the extra squares that I realized the application of building up terrain in my own larger games using variable stacks of squares!

Currently I roll up and/or fold  various sizes of towels to create the topography then cover them with the green terrycloth (cut up towels) to give the appearance of slopes. It works but it is not highly reproducible. Should I want to redo a battle I would end up with a different playing surface no matter how good my original reference photos. Using lots of squares, lots and lots of squares, all the same size and thickness, it should be possible to fairly simply re-create a battle field. Since the squares are equivalent to 100 yards on a side it should also be simpler to lay out a historic battlefield from an Ordinance Survey topomap.

I now need huge numbers of squares but happily I have plenty of used towels and towels purchased on the cheap at a couple of different odd lot places. So I am now a rag picker! Just add one more skill required by this hobby!


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  1. I’m glad you keep your sense of humor when plans change. Your hobby is obviously a passion filling many hours of retirement time. I can relate to that. I know how rewarding it is to finish a project. Your posts show that same sense of accomplishment as you work through the stages of setting up your games.


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