… Can’t You See Their Spear Points Gleaming

Well, probably you can’t. Still all the touch-up painting that I had planned in the previous post is completed, plus I ink outlined all the broad-brimmed hats to enhance their shape and did a thin black wash to pick out the detail of the Monmouth caps.

I bought this lot to fill a multitude of roles and their command stands will have detachable flags so I don’t need to continue the process of making multitudes of command pieces. If this proves successful (I don’t keep yanking them off in the heat of battle) I may go back and make ALL the flags detachable.

Because so many of the figures where already in the popular military coat colors of the day I sorted them out on that basis before doing anything else.  While I had never planned on doing this I can now form a portion of Charles I’s army in England doing standards for several of the best known Royalist foot regiments (the Lifeguard, Prince Rupert’s, Newcastle’s and so on). I have no historic reason to do this given my interest and purpose, but perhaps a fantasy campaign where Charles comes to Montrose’s aid in Scotland? Yes – far fetched (since Marston Moor occurred just prior to Montrose getting well started) but this is all in fun anyway so why not?

Since it is difficult to distinguish the coat colors in the picture below, I placed a brightly colored cube beside each group. From what is assembled here I’ll be able to form two or three regiments each in blue, green, red, and white/gray:

TWY-The Kings Army

The rest of the batch (below) are in various hues, brown, gray, green the most prevalent (indicated by the brown cube) and mixed and shirt sleeve (the pink cube bunch). The collection in the rear (the black d20) are all pikemen in various dress and Monmouth caps, excellent for filling out militia regiments or forming large, all pike units such as much of the Irish at Liscarroll.

In fact as I studied this group I can use them (along with some of “The King’s Army” above) to complete my Anglo/Irish forces! This will leave me now only the New Model Army to get done. Oh happy day:

TWY-The Anglo-Irish

The picture above also shows a tray (red) full of flags for the English royalists. I had made most of these when I was working in 25mm and it was a simple matter to scale them down to 10mm in PaintShop Pro.

Below are the 48 command stands I will need (the Anglo/Irish are already complete) for the Royalist army:

TWY-Command Stands

The unpainted figure and 1/32″ rod mounted on the wooden disk at the top of the photo provides the armatures I use for folding the paper flags. The dental tool is used to simply hold down the stands while I paint them.

Now the vast task of applying acrylic green to the figure bases and piece stands begins.

The paint is mixed in small batches (you have 30 to 40 minutes before it sets up completely and becomes too dry to use). Thanks to a discovery on the Mad Axman’s site, I listen to Landskneckt marching music playlists on YouTube and paint to the cadence.

By the end of the day I am speaking German and all the figure bases are done along with a horde of combat and command stand pieces:

TWY-all the green bases

I think I have reached the stopping point for working on these new additions until the new year. I may get a chance to work on some of the static pages on the blog but things definitely are starting to get busy! And that busyness doesn’t even include the several college bowl games I want to watch!

Let’s Go! – Mountaineers!  Let’s Go Herd!

And (-I never thought these words would pass my lips-) Boomer Sooner!

Finally and above all – my faith tradition bids me bid each of you a Joyous Noel!

2 thoughts on “… Can’t You See Their Spear Points Gleaming

  1. Christmas blessings to you!

    I am so impressed by all the work you put into building the armies for your game! It’s obvious that you enjoy the game and are willing to do the tedious work required to get the pieces ready.

    I’m glad you are getting your armies completed. Enjoy a break from the pressure of finishing them, and have a wonderful Christmas weekend!


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