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Well I had planned to get started on the Battle of Fyvie but for some strange reason my wife (SWMBO) does not want HER dinning room table tied up for the Christmas season! Plus part of the family is making a major move and some time needs to be devoted to that also.

After dithering around for awhile I ended up buying about 500 10mm painted TYW*/ECW** figures from Hinds Figures LTD.  (I’ve said elsewhere that painting is not my strong point). This is how they appeared when on offer at the Hind’s website:

TWY Conversion 0

They have just arrived so I am debasing, sorting, mounting on paint sticks for touching up.  They are all (as far as I can tell) Pendraken so the are going to integrate with my own figures very well:

TWY Conversion 1

Their paint quality equals (OK – it exceeds!) my own and virtually all match my own muted color pallet and general grunge esthetic, so I am well pleased. In all likelihood one of the guys on the Pendraken or TMP forums painted them – so – well done! If you see this know that they have come to a good home

About half are now completely debased, their figure bases completely cleaned (a tedious and quite boring process I can tell you). All the pikes have been straighten and they have been tacked (I use a thin film of white glue) to painting sticks.

Hours pass.

OK, the sun is going down and I’ve got ALL of the little fellers mounted:

TWY Conversion 2

Now the painting starts.

happily not too much to change, but:

  • all the pike shafts have to be painted, in part because they needed to be folded over for safe shipping and this caused the paint to chip on about a third. the shafts are in dark brown which is a logical color but I like a greater contrast so I’ve standardized on russet. The pike heads will also be brightened up (so I can see them better and stick my fingers into them)
  • all the musketeers are in broad brimmed hats and I need to at least double (maybe triple) the number of color shades. I think this gives much more interest when you are basically using the same figure pose.
  • Ditto with the large number of pikemen in Monmouth caps but here I can use an even greater variety of colors.
  • a few figures need their coat colors changed (to get the numbers I need of a specific color – more about that in the next post).
  • finally the figure base of every single one needs to be painted in the basing shade I use (50% each tube acrylic leaf green and tube acrylic bright cadmium yellow)

Everyone that paints knows you just have to get into the zone when you are painting mass quantities of the same figure – repeating the same one or two strokes over and over – then back to the beginning and start a new sequence – until finally you are done.

I listen to a lot of music and talk to myself –  it’s brutal. 🙂

There is a second group of my horse being painted by a professional as all this goes on. If I had more money I would hire even more help BUT the downside is you don’t really feel like you own them if you haven’t done them head-to-toe yourself.

I have a strange feeling the ” hired-out” ones won’t fight for me as well.

time will tell.

*Thirty Years War   **English Civil War (this for several of my friends that don’t know our acronyms)

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  1. Thanks for a chuckle! I loved the comment about the figures painted by someone else not fighting as well for you. Loyalty is important! This post just reinforces the fact that you spend many hours getting ready to set up the game before you can play it. I’m glad you have a passion to fill your time.


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