The Battle of Justice Mills II

The view below is taken from behind the Covenanter lines on the heights of Clay Hill with the Lower Mill the structure visible in the center background. The musketeers holding the mill are at the moment holding their own against the approaching Irish musketeers (which is a better performance than their historic counter-parts):

Justice Mills - view from Covenanter Line

Acting as the Covenanter commander I decided to hold the infantry in their strong defensive position but began to test the Royalist left flank with my horse (these units being superior to those on my left flank). This again pretty much parallels the course of the actual battle.

The right wing commander (Sir William Forbes of Craigievar) managed only one action but sent his lancers against Nathaniel Gorden’s small Royalist horse unit. The lancers were hit by opportunity fire from three hundred muskets of O’Cahan’s foot before they could make contact and routed! The smoke from this stiff volley is in the back center of the photo below:

Justice Mills - O'cahans see off the lancers

These events also parallel the actual battle with the lancers being driven off before engaging. Having quickly lost a unit (I could only lose two more before the Covenanters would break) I decided that the weak cavalry units on the left would be easily lost if I committed them (and the battle in turn lost). Historically the left wing cavalry did attack but to little effect. I also decided to hold the remaining horse on the right (Lord Lewis Gordon) to protect that flank and any withdraw from the Lower Mill.

My artillery fire remained essentially ineffective managing to push back a single combat piece in Laghtnan’s foot. One of my guns which had been disrupted by Royalist counter battery fire managed to roll a one on its disrupt roll and was lost! I really didn’t need that kind of luck.

Justice Mill - Pushing Convenanters out of lower mill

About the only bright spot so far was the musketeer encounter in the Lower Mill. Although out numbered my guys were grudgingly giving up a small amount of ground to a much superior Royalist force (photo above).

The blue star token by the Covenanter’s forlorn hope indicates that they are acting independently of their wing commander (they have a better QV than their overall wing so a better chance of acquiring more actions).

the Irish Brigade is now almost in musket range but I hope that my center can prevail against them given the steep slope the will have to come up.