Yet Another Reason I Like 10mm

It goes almost without saying that storing everything you need for wargaming in 10mm is WAY easier than 25mm. The weight difference alone (if you are using metal figures) is dramatic. I have a floor to ceiling (well almost ceiling) built-in bookcase right next to the table where games are set-up and that is sufficient to store all the figures, structures, and game accessories I need plus several other related items. The lower shelves have bins that hold trees and hedges for all seasons:

Figure and game component storage

We are in the process of doing some traveling so I stored up everything after Balleyeasca and will setup  again for Justice Mills (Aberdeen) in a couple of weeks. As should be obvious to anyone who has looked at some of my battle pictures, I use terry cloth for all of my playing surface and to pretty much “sculpt” the terrain features. I like it because of its texture and because it folds up nicely with hardly any wrinkles. Because of the folding it can be stored in two under-window cabinets:

Terrain Storage

The game-board or playing surface or what ever you want to call it folds up and is stored in two cardboard sleeves behind a low wicker chest-of-drawers next to the built-in bookcase. Each folding section is comprised of four 20″x 30″ x 3/8″ foam board panels covered with the base green terry cloth material. Each section is therefore 40″ x 60″ and can be combined to form a long, 40″ x 120″ game board (as at Balleyeasca) or a more square, 60″ x 80″ (as at Tippermuir):

Playing surface storage

In my typical game scale, the long board is well over a mile long and nearly 700 yards wide, while the “square” board gives easily a half mile per side. With selective compression I think I’ll be able to do all of the Celtic Fringe battles or at least the significant parts.

While I was taking pictures of my gaming environment I went for a walk in the neighborhood and took a couple more pictures:

Below is where we live, the last long valley before the Allegheny Mountains to the west:

Neighborhood - last valley before the Alleghenies

Looking west, the beginning of the mountains in the distance above us:

begining of the Alleghenies just to the west

Each season here has its beauty but Fall (Autumn) and Spring are my favorites.

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