The Horse Arrives

The horse arrived late Saturday afternoon. I have mentioned before that I shipped off a bunch of horse to be painted and they have now returned home:

Lee Howard - Single Figure

The painter is J. Lee Howard who can be found through the TMP painting services list.

I love what he has done with my little guys and will start organizing them into units and adding flags soon. Lee, of course, would have done all that too but I am somewhat eccentric in my approach.

Here are a couple more shots of all 136 figures, still on their painting sticks as received:

Lee Howard - Left Batch

Lee Howard - Rightt Batch

I still have roughly 70 more horse (some yet on the way from the UK) to get done but they too will soon be off to visit Lee.

I really hate painting horse, particularly the poor creatures themselves, so shipping them off lets me work on other, more enjoyable things. When you are a solo wargamer you have to paint EVERYTHING, so reducing the load is sensible. Oh – and incidentally –  another great feature of 10mm is that the per figure cost, painted, is slightly less than the 25mm per figure cost – unpainted!