Falling Down

It was as if the hands of a great, controlling clock had become stuck. Ballamoy had enjoyed an extended summer and even through the Harvest the world remained lush and green. Then, with no warning at all, the immovable hands became – unstuck! The seasons suddenly lurched forward and in an instant the summer became late Fall ( or Autumn if you are so inclined):

Baleyeasca - FallPerhaps this abrupt change is somehow related to the  Julian/Gregorian  calendar switch over in 1751 (or was it 1752?). Well no matter – it happened!   Below is a rather disturbing picture, like something out of Ring World, that shows Ballamoy before (Summer) and after (late Autumn):

Balleyeasca - Summer-AutumnI can finally get on with fighting the dang battle now that the seasons are properly adjusted!

Oh – BTW – While I was waiting for the fall-color pallet lichen to arrive (which apparently came by container ship from China via Terra Del Fuego) I worked on the static pages to the right (or bottom). I have been planning to add a category on real weapons and equipment (1:1 scale) and the first page is up. I am also continuing to document the pieces I use (figure and bases) and slowly trying to explain the rules that I am cobbling together. Of course many will ask, “why rules – aren’t there enough good ones already?”  Absolutely! But why do people want to build a – I don’t know – a rocking chair when you can go buy an excellent one for a reasonable price and have it immediately? Or why does a home cook want to go to the trouble of preparing a meal like a master chef when it will likely take longer and perhaps even cost more than going to a first-rate restaurant?  What makes a muskrat guard his musk? What makes the Sphinx…. Oh never mind! Desire. Passion. Stubbornness. Compulsion. It’s a human thing – we just want to try to do stuff our own way!