Odds and Ends

I’ve worked on several thing this past week. First of course is the never-end-task of prepping and painting new additions to the various armies. While I have some horse, a few guns and some other specialty figures completed, I have been methodically building armies of foot. The Covenanter and Confederation infantry is compete, as well as a whole slew of highland warband stuff. Also complete is a sizable force of  civilian levies (which I variously call Irish insurgents, ad hoc militia, or local defense forces). If I was doing the Civil War in just England these would make admirable clubmen or even a substantial chunk of the combatants on both sides at Edgehill.

In any event with enough stuff to have sizable battles in either Scotland or Ireland, I am now concentrating  on getting the Anglo/Irish infantry done. Basically these guys can play several roles:
The English garrison forces (Royalist or Parliamentarian), the Laggan army in Ulster, other Anglo/Irish forces in all the provinces, the English army in the Bishops Wars (or any place else for that matter), and finally some can even become soldiers of the Commonwealth.  Anyway I really need to get them done to add all of those possibilities to the mix of battles I want to do.

Dublin Garrison (Ormonde) CompletedI have just completed the second of a planned eight Anglo/Irish foot regiments. Shown above is the regiment that will nominally function as the Lord Lieutenant’s- later Ormonde’s – and the garrison regiment of Dublin. Since it is in red with green turn-backs I can also use it as an English New Model foot regiment.

Incidentally, if anyone is curious, the Confederation army with all their command pieces switched out becomes the Scots Royalist army when required. Since they are about the only two armies that DIDN’T fight each other at one point or another this exchange is easy to do. It’s kind of like Clark Kent and Superman, you NEVER see them at the same time!

Many wargamers love horse units and paint them with great abandon. I am not one of them. I barely tolerate painting at all, but I truly hate painting horse and it simply would not get done. I have enough to do Alford (I think) but at some point Cromwell will show up and I’ll need more – lots more. Happily I have contracted out all of my remaining horse to be painted by a professional – so – no worries!

I have also been working on all the pages associated with this blog, adding more content and some page links to improve navigation. I Still have a lot of work to do in this department, however.

Finally – as I studied the set up of Ballamoy, it started bothering me that the time frame was late November and the trees and hedges are in their high summer greenery! Talk about choking on a gnat! I clearly don’t worry about lots of details but since I live in a place with four well-defined (and often extreme) seasons this  had to be corrected.

I got a bunch of photo-etched tree armatures from Ngeneering (which can be left bare with decent results) and have been making naked trees and hedges. Dang! this is about as exciting as painting horses!  As I get more and more finished the area around Balleyeasca is slowly transitioning from late summer to late autumn.

Ngeneering Photoetched tree armatures

In the above photo a section of hedge has been replaced by small bare trees. Yes they are not very-well done – this is why I don’t do model railroading.

Painted tree frames being cut apartShown on my work bench is what I have left to do in the hedge department (although these are going to be mounted in strips). Still left to paint and mount are fifteen larger trees – joy!

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