So Many Paths – So Little Time

As I alluded to in the previous post, there is a bunch of things I want to pursue with this blog so I have decided to write a few of them down. Even limiting myself to the periphery of the English Civil Wars (and I include the various uprisings and the Williamite War in this grouping) the subject matter is almost inexhaustible.

1) I want to continue, sequentially, with Montrose’s campaign, even though it continues to be done much better and with absolutely stunning craftsmanship at Project Auldearn 1645. Not sure they* are going to do more than Auldearn but it looks like they might. The triptych of articles they are producing for Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy ( the first two already appearing in issues 74 and 78) have so far included scenario suggestions for the battles prior to Auldearn and I would assume the third article will have scenarios for the battles after.  So my efforts are  hardly necessary. Still Montrose got me into this and working out and playing each battle helps me to learn. I hope to do Aberdeen (Justice Mills), Fyvie (some great alternate history possibilities) and Inverlochy this year and Auldearn, Alford and Kilsyth next year.

There is also, of course, Philiphaugh and Carbisdale.  Although different campaigns they each represent Montrose’s downside as a general. I’ll probably also follow MacColla through his wandering in Scotland and then his return to Ireland.

2) I want to look at both the Bishops Wars and the 1641 Irish Rebellion. The set-piece battles are few and far between but the force make-up is intriguing and I want to try my rule system at the skirmish level.

3) The wars of the Irish Confederation are a particular interest because of their variation by province, the unique armies employed and the ever-changing alliances and rivalries. This could have its own blog and in fact at least one was started but, unfortunately, seems now to be dormant.

4) I also want to spend some time documenting my army building and rules development. I had set up a companion blog on TUMBLR to do just that but have decided that I don’t like what I have done there so far. I’m going to crush and reboot that blog and hopefully do a better job documenting the game pieces (figure stands) that I use and give examples of how they move and fight. I’ll do some of the bigger picture rules system stuff here, however.

08/08/15 – Well – after thinking this through further I decided to do EVERTHING on this blog site. The fact that WordPress lets you build a fixed-content website using “pages” is a feature that I have  decided to use more rather than less.  This will make things much simpler in the long run. I like Tumblr but I don’t want to be burdened at my advanced age by remembering two different posting systems! I have removed the Tumblr link from the top menu and added a link to the United Methodist Committee on Relief in its place – a charity that I have posted about elsewhere. -Gd’G

I should think the above paths will  occupy me for a good little while!

*Roy Fitzsimmons and Walter Morrison to give due credit.

2 thoughts on “So Many Paths – So Little Time

  1. You fight interestingly.
    Do you want the unhistorical outcome to happen or do you want it to almost happen or do you want it to just possibly happen?

    Should there be a slightly better chance that the non historical outcome actually happen?

    Just curious


    • Since I am emotionally invested in the rules set I am working on I suppose I would like to see an historic result. I also have a Royalist bias that I have to be aware of when playing solo.
      That said I actually thought I could win as the Covenanter player. The most fun in this, however, is dealing with the disastrous tactical situations that arise (on both sides) from failing to
      outguess the dice!


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