Nuts and Bolts

I have decided that attempting to talk about EVERYTHING I am trying to do is getting a tad fragmented! If I continue to throw in all the nuts and bolts of the backstage part of the process, which includes such minutiae as figure specification, rules development and play tests, things become quite muddled. I really want to concentrate on telling the story and looking at the battles (and other significant events) that are so fascinating to me. I also want to use this blog to occasionally talk about my evolving philosophy of wargaming in this period.

Still – I want somewhere to document all those other details – mainly to help me organize the process and keep it remembered. To this end I have created a tumblr blog  to handle that part of the backstory. The picture shows the sort of stuff you will ultimately encounter at tumblr, in this case an ongoing playtest of a melee’ between Scottish Government (covenanter) forces and Montrose’s royalists.

Covenanters and royalists engage in Melee': a solo test of close combat rules

Covenanters and royalists engage in Melee’: a solo test of close combat rules