That’s About the Size of It (II)

What was said about the pike figures (see the previous post) from the three manufacturers is essentially the same for their respective offerings of musketeer figures.

Musket-P-M-O scaleOld Glory musketeers (on the far right) are done in strips of five and the same comments made on the their pike figures apply here. As the wars in Europe and Britain wore on the collection of varied firearms from the heavier and longer arquebus to the lighter caliver, all in a multitude of calibers, converged toward the lighter firearm, with a much more standardized caliber. Musket became the generic name applied and the one I use exclusively. In fact for wargame purposes I assume all muskets to be equal. Pendraken (far left) and Minifig (center) provide musket rests on many of their figures. If I were doing the early stages of the First Civil war I would probably keep them but since I need several national or factional armies for use over about a fifty year period, I dispense with the rests. Both manufacturers’ figures are scaled well for use with their respective pike figures but Pendraken is overall slightly shorter and smaller than the Minifig. Again, for me at least, not a problem.

Horse-P-M-O scale

The Horse figures are slightly more variable and I have a preference for the Pendrakens (again on the far left). Old Glory (on the far right) makes individual figures for their horse AND the rider is separate – generally what I am used to coming from 25/28 mm. The Old Glory figures are nicely done but the rider tends toward the small side. Minifig (in the center) are quite usable BUT the figures have stubby little legs which, when mixed with the Pendraken, tend to look like dwarf cavalry. Am I bothered by this – not really because I generally don’t mix horse figures and once they are part of a playing piece I just see all of them as cavalry anyhow!

Incidentally, I have now actually posted something to read on “The Army Organization of the Three Kingdoms” page in the menu to the right (or below if you are on a mobile device).

Update 09/30/2015

Since I now have some horse figures from Irregular Miniatures (IM) I wanted to update this post to include them:

Horse - Pendraken, Irregular, Minifig

From left to right, Pendraken, Irregular, Minifig. The IM figure is detailed and perhaps the best proportioned but noticeably smaller. I haven’t decided yet how I’ll use them (but they are too nice not to use).

I have also updated the post that compares different foot figures