A Blog Rebooted

The last time I posted was in February of 2014 but it was shortly thereafter that I took the major decision in my hobby life to change from 25/28mm to 10mm. It was a decision not taken lightly (and I’ll discuss it soon) but the end result was placing in storage a rather complete set of armies (2000 figures give or take) that I had spent thirty years collecting and the previous several months re-organizing and in some cases re-painting. I then started over at zero figures and very little practice in painting and working with 10mm figures, structures, terrain, and so on.  Now – some fourteen months later – I have enough figures to get started again.

Having started with a whole new figure scale I decided to start fresh with the blog also. That’s why you won’t find any previous posts (although, happily, WordPress provided me a way to download the entire text content in XML format). One thing that I learned from the previous blogging experience is that it is a great way to organized thoughts and document (in as much detail as you care to put in) what it is you are about. So a rebooted blog for a rebooted purpose.

My plan is to work through every major battle fought in the Celtic Fringe (principally Ireland and Scotland) during the upheavals of the 17th century in the British Isles. I have had the opportunity (in between painting) to study the period in much more detail and still know next to nothing. Everything I read leads to more questions and perhaps as this blog becomes known someone will be inclined to help improve my knowledge. I hope so!